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[Counterculture on the road]

We have present talks and live demonstrations on the subject of the

x-ray records and the Soviet bootleggers to accompany the Bone Music exhibition and as stand-alone events. We have held events at many institutions and venues including at the British Library, New York University, Berlin House of Culture, TED, UCL, Kings College, STROM,

EMF, KROK, GARAGE Moscow, Tel Avis Museum of Art,  and several

other festivals.  


The live demonstrations of how to cut an x-ray record using a vintage

1950s recording lathe have included working with  live performances by musicians including Marc Almond, Lydia Kavina, Barry Adamson, Marcella Puppini and Veronika Harcsa, Thurston Moore and Gruff Rhys,

The Open Reel Ensemble

We have also hosted symposiums and panel discussions on the subject

of Forbidden Music with an international panel of participants.  

We have curated live events at Barbican and Pushkin House showcasing

the music of Mikael Tariverdiev.

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