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[The Secret History of Bone Music]       

was founded in 2013 after the chance discovery of an unusual object in

a flea market in St Petersburg.  

The object, a flexible record, was found to be single sided, recorded at

78rpm and contained the 1954 song Rock around the Clock by Bill Haley

and The Comets. Most significantly it had been recorded onto used

x-ray film.


The project, now an international touring exhibition, live events, a book,

an award winning documentary and an online archive, sets out to answer

the questions: who made the record, why and how?  


It tells the story of a daring underground community of music lovers and bootleggers who risked defying the Soviet censor during the cold war era 

to make and distribute their own records of forbidden music copied from smuggled gramophone records and foreign radio broadcasts. It explores

the cultural, technical and political context which made their endeavours possible - and necessary.  

It has received extensive international media and broadcast coverage in

the UK, the Russian Federation, Israel, the US, France,Japan and Europe, including major features with National Geographic, New Scientist,

The Guardian, Pravda, VICE, BBC and NPR.

The project archive and blog can be found here:

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