Sex, Drugs and Rock 'n' Roll in '60s London -

with Jenny Fabian


We meet Jenny Fabian, author of 1969’s ‘Groupie’ - one of the most infamous books of British counterculture, a scandalous diary detailing the life of self-confessed groupie ‘Katie' as she immerses herself in the heady days of swinging sixties London.

Its fascinating first person description, (a thinly fictionalised chronicle of Jenny’s own adventures with underground rock bands, psychedelic clubs, casual sex, drugs and crazy poets), caused a sensation and prompted guessing games about who the book's characters really were - all long before the days of celebrity culture.

We hear stories about drug busts at the UFO and Middle Earth clubs, erotic encounters with Family, The Police’s Andy Sumners (in a previous incarnation), poets, writers and with Pink Floyd’s Syd Barrett amongst others - and we get an intimate glimpse into Syd’s tragic decline as the golden haze of the Summer of Love’s hippie dream starts to darken.