The Drugs, Doctors and Rock 'n' Roll with Hank Wangford


In this episode, we meet radical doctor Sam Hutt who ministered to countercultural London in the 1960s and 1970s. We also meet, the deeply sincere Hank Wangford, English Country and Western singer par excellence.

Sam tells us about growing up in a 1950s communist household in a posh part of London and about his mother's cold war affair with an officer from the Soviet Embassy.

We hear more stories of sixties Soho, about psychedelic marmite, about buying heroin from Boots the chemist in Piccadilly and about prescribing cannabis for some very famous musicians.

We learn how Sam frequented various underground clubs like The Flamingo, dropped acid, made one of the greatest psychedelic singles of all time, lived and hung out with various rock stars - and witnessed the tragic decline of Syd Barrett

Then we spend some time with Sam’s musical alter ego Hank Wangford. 
Hank tells how Sam Hutt became Hank Wangford in a pub after a broken love affair. We hear how he and Keith Richards were turned onto country music by Gram Parsons (who he saved from a heroin overdose). We circle back to his communist youth and his days as part of the Red Wedge anti-Thatcher movement in the 1980s and hear two tunes recorded live specially for the show in the Soho Radio studios

Warning; contains strong language - and medicine

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