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[The immersive world of Bone Music]

is the travelling exhibition of the X-Ray Audio Project. It tells the story of the underground community of music lovers and bootleggers who used x-rays to dstribute forbidden music in cold-warear Soviet union with original artefacts, installations, archive materials and created 

The exhibition reveals the extraordinary hidden aesthetic of the records themselves and evokes the era in which they were made through original artefacts and documents, interview footage, visual projections, sounds and installations.  


The exhibition is accompanied by screenings of a curated program of historical and contemporary documentaries dealing with the subjects of musical censorship and repression. 

Further images from the exhibition can be viewed here

UPCOMING : Museum of Science and Media, BRADFORD


Ba-Tsu Gallery TOKYO: April/May 2019

Diffusion CARDIFF: April 2019
Museum Of Art TEL AVIV: January/May 2018 
New Hollandia ST. PETERSBERGNovember/December 2017 
Garage Museum Of Contemporary Art MOSCOW: August/October 2017 
Magazzino Delle Idee TRIESTE: January/February 2017 
Millenium Arts BELFAST:
June/August 2016 
The Horse Hospital LONDON:
January/February 2016 
Vivid Projects BIRMINGHAM: November/December 2015 
April/June 2015 
The Horse Hospital LONDON:
January/February 2015 
Grad Gallery Of Contemporary Art LONDON:  
August/October 2014

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